• Register yourself through E-Praman. Select your unique user id (Like AADHAR no.) and password. Registration will help you in future, as you do not have to enter your particulars every time.
  • It helps you to find status of your application by checking your account.
  • You need to provide details like your name, address, date of birth, e-mail address and phone number.
  • If you are a registered CSC/Kiosk, please click on the special check box provided on the registration page.
  • On successful registration, you will receive a SMS in your mobile.

Do not share your user id or password with anyone.

  • Open the URl "" in the browser
  • Click on Registration, in case of a new user.
  • Click on Login, if you are already a registered user.

You can switch to view forms in manipuri language by clicking on link Manipuri.


State portal has the provision of applying for various services which are listed below.

  • How to apply for a service
  • To apply for any service citizen needs to login and go to services tab on the home page.
  • After citizen clicks on the services tab, available services will be listed
  • From listed services, citizen can choose and click on the same.
  • Thereafter click on online image to open the form.
  • Fill the required details and click on the submit button.

Take the print out of the submitted form for future reference

Registration Office
  • Registration under Hindu Marriage: If a Hindu couple wants to get their marriage registered
  • Registration of Marriage celebrated in other form (Form V)- Special Marriage: For citizen whose marriage was solemnized in different casts except Hindu
  • Issue of Non Encumbrance certificate: Issued for mortgaging the property for the purpose of seeking loans or for lease

Employment Exchange

  • Registration with Employment Exchange: For citizen who wants to register for his/her employment.
  • Renewal of Registration: Citizen has renewed his/her registration before card expired i.e. 3 years + 3 month of grace period.
  • Transfer of Registration: For Citizen who wants to transfer his registration to some other location.
  • Repeat Registration: When the same applicant applies for registration more than once (in case of casual workers).
  • Updating of Qualification, Experience: For citizen who wants to update his/her Qualification and Experience.

Submission of Application against vacancy: For those eligible citizen who wants to apply application against vacancy.


• You will receive an update in your inbox of the e-mail id that you created, once your application is serviced. • You can also check the status of your application by mobile


• State Portal has the provision of payment in three ways and this is applicable only in case a service is paid


• Every citizen has the unique user id and password but in case citizen forgets the password then the state portal has the facility to retrieve the password based on the user id and answering the security question.On successful answering Citizen will get the password on their mail id which was registered.


• If following message on state portal is displayed, it indicates that java script is disabled.

Steps to enable java script in browser:

• Go to the tools menu within the browser • Go to security tab and click on "Custom Level". • Enable the java script by checking the option "Enable" for active scripting.